Daily Prayer


We adore You Father because You watch over us and tell us the
truth about the results of our choices. Keep us by the power of
the Holy Spirit that we would not become entangled by the dead
weights and tides of this world and return to the lives we had
before we were saved. For you are the only master that has laid
down His Life for His servant in order that we may be born
again. To you be glory forever.Amen, Amen, and Amen,

As faith-filled believers, we must keep hoping, keep believing
and stay faithful. Many times, we are closer than we think to
victory. God is faithful to His promises.  When God says we
will be richly rewarded for keeping our confidence in Him, that
should give us a second wind, giving us fuel to keep up the faith.
Don’t give up today on your dreams and your hope in God. By
developing the attitude of His love for all.

Father in heaven, today I humbly come to you. I choose to cast
my cares on you so that I can live in your rest. Thank you for
your goodness to me. Help me find ways to share your goodness
with those around me today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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